When Faith Shattered Lewis Gloria

Title: When Faith Is Shattered - Dr. Gloria J. Lewis

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Author: Dr. Gloria J. Lewis

Release date: 2012-03-09

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Prayers are worthless unless they are accompanied by faith. Faith ignores all of our senses when it comes to believing what God says. It is necessary to believe before we see, hear, taste or smell. When we believe first, it brings the miraculous into our reach. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. But what happens when all of the things you have heard and embraced through the Word of God to increase your faith, seems to come crumbling down around you? What happens when your prayers are not answered in the manner you desired? How do you deal with the pain caused by the death of a loved one after you have trusted God wholeheartedly to heal them? Has God forsaken you during the time you need him most? How do you deal with your anger towards God? How do you believe again when you feel that God has failed you? In When Faith is Shattered you will find how to deal with even the most difficult times of your life; when you feel that the Lord has forsaken you and there is no place else to turn.

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