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Title: Train Your Dog in One Hour - Sandy Butler

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Author: Sandy Butler

Release date: 2014-04-10

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Owning a dog brings pictures of joy into your heart. But that joy often disappears when your dog is unruly and untrained. Don’t give up on your pet. Sandy Butler’s positive reinforcement method is simple. Train Your Dog in One Hour takes you step-by-step through training sessions with your dog showing you how easy it is to do.
A dog is everyone’s best friend when he is trained and well-behaved. Training your dog must be a positive experience for you and your dog.
Sandy Butler, a gifted animal trainer who has trained thousands of dogs, has made owning a dog a loving experience.
Sandy Butler’s method of training has shown positive results almost immediately in a pet’s behavior pattern. Her technique is based on communicating with a pet in a simple, straightforward manner. It has worked on pets previously thought to be untrainable. Now you will be able to train your dog with consistency, caring, and compassion.

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