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Title: Mi Daily Devotion - Ely Roque Sagansay

File formats: ePub, PDF, Audiobook, Kindle

Author: Ely Roque Sagansay

Release date: 2012-10-10

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Mi Daily Devotion by Reverend Ely Roque Sagansay is not just another devotional book; but this is the blessing of his devotion to our great God and Savior Jesus Christ. As you read the inspiring messages from the Word of God; read it thoughtfully and discover the overwhelming goodness, grace and plan of God in your life. The knowledge and the wisdom that you will learn from Mi Daily Devotion will lead you to a changed life. May this book will lead you to a spiritual journey that will allow you to experience the hand of our loving God.

Pastor Ely, you are a great blessing because your faith and passion is contagious. God indeed is glorified in your life.

Reverend Jundy Bautista

Married to Joy Tarectecan Bautista

Pastor of Christian Church of Jersey City

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