Potassium Nutrition Heart Disease Rheumatoid

Title: Potassium Nutrition - Charls Weber, MS

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Author: Charls Weber, MS

Release date: 2011-06-15

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Potassium is an essential mineral that is deficient in most
people in modern society. It is a deficiency that can cause
heart disease, is heavily involved in rheumatoid arthritis,
gout, high blood pressure, and diabetes.
This book will show you how to increase potassium in
your diet, how to supplement it safely, and how it is regulated
in the body.
Potassium physiology is extremely complicated but the
nutrition and supplementation is simple. So you will have
no trouble preventing a potassium deficiency from sickening
you. It is well worth reading and I am certain that both you
and your loved ones will be much healthier as a result.
Even those few people plagued by high blood potassium
(metabolic shock) will find very valuable tips inside.

potassium nutrition heart disease rheumatoid Pdf

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