Phantom French Quarter Shivers Vieux

Title: Phantom of the French Quarter - Colleen Thompson

File formats: ePub, PDF, Audiobook, Kindle

Author: Colleen Thompson

Release date: 2014-01-27

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Marcus Le Carpentier was a phantom in the night, a man who let no one in and always kept a low profile. So when he accidentally witnessed a beautiful local woman stumble upon a dead body, the last thing Marcus planned on was getting involved. He'd done that before…

and had been living with the dangerous consequences ever since. But since leaving a very frightened Caitlyn Villaré alone didn't sit well with Marcus, he promised to help and then return to the shadowy corners of New Orleans, alone. Unfortunately, Caitlyn's discovery brought a killer out of hiding and Marcus was thrust back into the limelight, protecting Caitlyn, hunting down a madman–and failing to find all the usual reasons why it would be best if he walked away…

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