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Title: Self-Determination for Students with Disabilities: Views of Parents and Teachers. - Exceptional Children

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Author: Exceptional Children

Release date: 2003-09-22

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********** A critical marker of the success of special education services is the degree to which students with disabilities become a guiding force in their own lives (Agran, Blanchard, & Wehmeyer, 2000; Wehmeyer, 1992). Halpern (1994, p. 118) argued "if the transition process is to be successful, it must begin with helping students to gain a sense of empowerment with respect to their own transition planning." As the process of creating and implementing transition plans for students with disabilities evolved, it became increasingly evident that students with disabilities needed instruction in gaining this sense of empowerment as well as in how to evaluate options and advocate for themselves (Abery, 1994; Mithaug, Wehmeyer, Agran, Martin, & Palmer, 1998; Wehmeyer, 1996). Instructional activities that address these skill areas are collectively referred to as self-determination.

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