Men Metals Materials Memoires Upadhyaya

Title: Men of Metals and Materials: My Memoirs - Gopal S. Upadhyaya

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Author: Gopal S. Upadhyaya

Release date: 2011-05-25

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The book is first in English language highlighting the memoirs of a world renowned powder metallurgist .The author who is widely travelled , has had intimate interactions with eminent materials scientists and technologists for many many years. Many are no more alive and the book gives a rare chance to know not only their scientific achievements , but also the social aspects of the interaction. It is written in a narrative style. In some cases many interesting episodes have been highlighted , which otherwise would have remained obscure. In all 36 Indian and 47 overseas persons of eminence are covered in the book. In addition numerous persons have been mentioned in the side line.

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