Legacy Warhammer 40 000 Farrer

Title: The Lost King - Robbie MacNiven

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Author: Robbie MacNiven

Release date: 2016-03-21

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The Fenris system, home of the savage and feral Space Wolves Chapter, is overrun by the forces of Chaos. On planets and moons armies of daemons manifest to enact a campaign of slaughter, and the Wolves are forced to defend themselves on all fronts. As the fighting escalates, all contact with Logan Grimnar is lost. Can the Space Wolves find their missing Chapter Master, or is he dead, as the daemons claim?

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If you're dying to know what happens to the Space Wolves after 'Curse of the Wulfen' (and we certainly are) then this is the story for you. It ups the ante, places the Chapter in serious jeopardy (from a fair few directions as well), and starts off a story that probably isn't go end well for everybody. Or possibly anybody. Also, this first part is free! So why are you still reading this? Go on, get downloading.

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