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Title: Finding God In Alcoholics Anonymous - Michael

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Author: Michael

Release date: 2009-12-02

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Many people hurt and have suffered needlessly under the umbrella of Christianity. They have been prejudiced into believing false doctrines of a punishing, controlling and absentee God who is waiting to zap you when you least expect it. These rubs always push people away. People know in their heart who God is and who He is not. Believing in a loving Father who doesnt want to control your will makes sense to most. God wants us to make our own decisions. The atheist and agnostic would gladly follow biblical teachings if they heard the truth. Unfortunately, we all limit ourselves and God by unhealthy beliefs. God takes our pain, guilt and fear when we search for a better way of life and find the path that allows us to go boldly before Him. Relief will come. The hole in the gut closes. Fear and anger vanish and the truth sets you free.The old old timers of Alcoholics Anonymous had discovered a new outlook that today is lost. We too need to let go of past thinking patterns that hinder us and search for something that works by doing what Wilson instructed us to do; Seek God.This book doesnt have all the answers. What it does is start people on the ultimate truth through scripture of what the bible teaches and what Gods will is for our lives. Prove it out for yourself. Study to show thyself approved.

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