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Title: Six Speeches of the New Deal - Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Author: Franklin D. Roosevelt

Release date: 2013-06-25

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This book contains six speeches and three letters containing, in simple language that FDR used to address citizenship, the main actions of its program and policy justification but above all moral.

One way frivolous and cavalier, hegemonic neoliberal thinking has eluded the history of capitalism without considering how they fought the crisis of greater magnitude in the history of capitalism, the crack of 29.

So interested conveniently argued that the economy today is more complex, it's all interrelated, we are in the knowledge society, and not a moment dedicated to the study of the history of our system.

But look well: economic crisis, social crisis and institutional crisis, all very similar to the America of 1932. The system today is still regulated by supply and demand principles designed in the nineteenth century and the moral values ​​of freedom and justice are more relevant and necessary today than ever.

In the thirties the mass media are the radio telegraph, today social media and television. Change formats and media, but the bottom line is too similar to forget.

Some claim that FDR and ordered the Dollar and the Federal Reserve had it easy solving everything based currency. We want to show that is not true, and that there is another way out of the crisis, and thus not only exists, but is carried out and was a success. Just update it, mold the society proposed today.

Behind the New Deal was a social agreement based on what we all want today: a new society based on freedom, equality, cooperation, justice and welfare.

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