Finite Element Analysis Mechanical Design

Title: An Introduction to Matrix Structural Analysis and Finite Element Methods - Jean H Pr????vost & Serguei Bagrianski;;;

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Author: Jean H Pr????vost & Serguei Bagrianski;;;

Release date: 2017-01-19

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This comprehensive volume is unique in presenting the typically decoupled fields of Matrix Structural Analysis (MSA) and Finite Element Methods (FEM) in a cohesive framework. MSA is used not only to derive formulations for truss, beam, and frame elements, but also to develop the overarching framework of matrix analysis. FEM builds on this foundation with numerical approximation techniques for solving boundary value problems in steady-state heat and linear elasticity. Focused on coding, the text guides the reader from first principles to explicit algorithms. This intensive, code-centric approach actively prepares the student or practitioner to critically assess the performance of commercial analysis packages and explore advanced literature on the subject.

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Contents:Setting UpTruss ElementGlobal Stiffness EquationMatrix Analysis CodeBeam and Frame ElementsNumerical ApproximationSteady-State Heat ConductionLinear-ElasticityPlate and Shell Elements
Readership: Advanced undergraduate and graduate students in civil engineering and mechanical engineering.
Finite Elements;FEM;FEA;Structural Analysis;Numerical Approximation;Truss;Beam;Frame;Steady-State Heat;Linear Elasticity;Membrane;Plate;Shell0

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