Favorite Italian Mother In Law Tribute Wit

Title: My Favorite Italian Mother-In-Law - Steve Bergman

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Author: Steve Bergman

Release date: 2005-12-19

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Fact:  Many a mother-in-law is either disliked or finds herself the butt of jokes.  This was a mother-in-law to be loved and admired.

Question: What type of woman would inspire her son-in-law to accumulate 35 years worth of quotes? 

Answer:  The inspiration was Julias off-the-wall humor.

My Favorite Italian Mother-In-Law
is a collection of more than 300 zany quotes, arranged by subject matter, such as:

                    I never saw lightning so loud before.

                    I dont have to change my socks
because I was in the house all day yesterday and I hardly moved. 

                    I just wrote a letter to a my cousin Margaret in . Im not sure if shes dead or alive. 

                    My neighbor is so good at taking care of me, he shovels my sidewalk before it snows.

favorite italian mother in law tribute wit Pdf

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