Emotional Muscle Kerry Kelly Novick

Title: Emotional Muscle - Jack Novick & Kerry Kelly Novick

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Author: Jack Novick & Kerry Kelly Novick

Release date: 2010-11-10

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I have gotten so much help and a sense of competence in my parenting THIS WEEK!Mother of twoI love that this book offers practical tips you can use right away that are also based inresearch and experience. Mother of twoI wish I had this book when I was a new mother. I am going to give it to my daughtertomorrow. Grandmother of fourThe authors expertise with living, breathing children comes through on every page.Diane Manning, Ph.D, former Chair of the Department of Education, Tulane UniversityEmotional Muscle is a must read for anyone committed to understanding how values areconveyed and how the development of character can be supported. Michelle Graves,Preschool Director, High Scope teacher trainer, Community EducatorThe Novicks book will be a valuable resource to generations of parents, daycare workers,preschool teachers and others caring for young children. Paul Brinich, Ph.D, ClinicalProfessor, Depts. Of Psychology and Psychiatry, University of North Carolina at ChapelHillThis book offers parents, grandparents, teachers and all who work with children useful waysto build EMOTIONAL MUSCLE.Your child can develop emotional muscles, like trust and adaptability for babies, empathyand agency in one-year-olds, resilience and mastery in two-year-olds, assertion and persistencein three-year-olds, internal controls and realistic standards in four-year-olds, cooperationand competence in five-year-olds and more. With these added strengths, your childwill become a good friend to others, a responsible helper, a self-motivated learner, and besuccessful in meeting lifes challenges.EMOTIONAL MUSCLE creates character.

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