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Title: The Cuban Missile Crisis - KidCaps

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Release date: 2013-03-29

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In this book, we will be talking about one of those occasions: the Cuban Missile Crisis. Have you ever heard of the Cuban Missile Crisis or what happened during it? As we saw earlier, the key to being a good chess player is to try and understand what the other player is thinking and what they want. The same is true of being a good president or military leader. The Cuban Missile Crisis was a very serious moment during the Cold War when many people thought that a nuclear war was about to begin, which would have meant the deaths of millions of people. How was such a complete disaster avoided during the Cuban Missile Crisis? The Secretary of Defense of the United States at the time, Robert McNamara, later said during an interview:  “In the Cuban Missile Crisis, at the end, I think we did put ourselves in the skin of the Soviets.” 

Find out about this exciting and complex period of time in this kid's book.

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