Courtesan Trent Louisa

Title: Courtesan - Louisa Trent

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Author: Louisa Trent

Release date: 2015-04-11

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The Gilded Age: New York, 1883

With creditors pounding at the door, starvation imminent, and nothing left to lose, eighteen-year old Sarah Winslow signs a note to excuse the indebtedness she has assumed for her deceased father. In actuality, she's just sold herself into an exclusive brothel, her ruination orchestrated by Sebastian Turner, a wealthy gentleman who has bought and paid for her virginal innocence for reasons all his own.

For eighteen long years, Seb has methodically plotted to destroy the Winslow name. And he succeeds. He now owns all of Michael Winslow's possessions, including his lovely daughter, Sarah. Seb has everything he ever wanted.

Save, it's not enough. He wants more...

From the prim and proper lady he has made his Courtesan.

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