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Title: GRE Words In Context: The Complete List - Vibrant Publishers

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Author: Vibrant Publishers

Release date: 2019-02-14

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• 1500 GRE® - level vocabulary words
• Three to five example sentences for each word
• Parts of speech, synonyms and dictionary definitions for each word
• Word List unlike any you have seen before!

How will this book help you prepare for the GRE®?
GRE® Words In Context: The Complete List contains a Word List unlike any you have seen before. A traditional word list offers a vocabulary word, its dictionary definition, and a SINGLE use of the word in a sentence. That is simply not enough for a fully functional understanding of a word in all its complexities.

GRE® Words In Context: The Complete List offers Word Lists from all the books in the GRE Words In Context series. Each Word List takes a vocabulary word through its paces, denoting its part of speech, synonyms for its various contexts, its dictionary definition, and, most importantly, THREE (3) to FIVE (5) sentences using the word in its varied contexts. When appropriate, those varied contexts include both literal and figurative uses of the word.

How Can our Word Lists Help You Beyond the GRE®?
The goal of entrance exams, like the GRE®, is to anticipate the test-taker's likelihood of success in the field into which they seek entry. Thus, the “long view” of mastering sophisticated vocabulary is that doing so will not only help you prepare for the GRE®, but will simultaneously prepare you for what lies ahead: comprehending, analyzing, and evaluating graduate-level materials and writing with the complexity and sophistication expected of a graduate-level student. To put it simply: a fully-functioning, high-level vocabulary is the key to success in your graduate experience.

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