Collectors Coins Ireland 1660 2000

Title: Collectors' Coins Ireland 1660 - 2000 (2015 Edition) - Chris Henry Perkins

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Author: Chris Henry Perkins

Release date: 2015-03-17

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The first new Irish coin price guide for many years. Note that the eBook version is in full colour. This is the 22nd updated edition of the Rotographic Irish coin price guide, which can trace its history back to the 1960s. This book includes a six page introduction to Irish coinage, from the earlier period onwards and then lists accurate market value for all Irish coinage dated from 1660 (Charles II) to 2000 (the last pre Euro coins). Most of the coin types are illustrated. Values are provided in Euro for up to four states of preservation (grades). Varieties are listed, as are size, weight and designer details as well as some social history relating to Ireland and its coinage.

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