Belong True Cases Ann Rules

Title: You Belong to Me and Other True Cases - Ann Rule

File formats: ePub, PDF, Audiobook, Kindle

Author: Ann Rule

Release date: 2013-03-14

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Lorraine Hendricks should have had a long and wonderful life. Athletic, smart, and beautiful, she was also the mother of a six-year-old daughter. She was just 43 when her future was stolen by a most unlikely monster. State Patrolman Tim Harris was a father of two, described by supervisors as a “model” trooper. Few who glanced at his handsome face could sense the darkness behind his blue eyes. His victim did not see the evil until it was too late. She drove right into his trap. Rule’s YOU BELONG TO ME reveals the twisted secrets of Tim Harris’s past, the heartache of those who loved him, and the obsession that culminated with violence on Florida’s I-95 on a soft spring day. This shocking book length feature is followed by five bonus stories, BLACK CHRISTMAS, ONE TRICK PONY, THE COMPUTER ERROR AND THE KILLER, THE VANISHING and THE LOST LETTER.

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