Beginners Guide Cybercrime Investigators Sfetcu

Title: Beginner's Guide for Cybercrime Investigators - Nicolae Sfetcu

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Author: Nicolae Sfetcu

Release date: 2014-06-17

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In the real world there are people who enter the homes and steal everything they find valuable. In the virtual world there are individuals who penetrate computer systems and "steal" all your valuable data. Just as in the real world, there are uninvited guests and people feel happy when they steal or destroy someone else's property, the computer world could not be deprived of this unfortunate phenomenon. It is truly detestable the perfidy of these attacks. For if it can be observed immediately the apparent lack of box jewelry, penetration of an accounting server can be detected after a few months when all clients have given up the company services because of the stolen data came to competition and have helped it to make best deals.

beginners guide cybercrime investigators sfetcu Pdf

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