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Title: Ayla Speaks to Dolphins - Book 5 - Ayla's Angels - Sealove

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Author: Sealove

Release date: 2016-12-21

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Could Ayla be the One?

Is she the Child with The Gift that the Legend speaks of? If so, can the Dolphins help her rediscover the lost secrets and restore balance to All Life on Earth?

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean there lies a magical chain of islands called Hawai‘i.
From deep within those lush green islands and the vast blue ocean surrounding them, an ancient Hawaiian Legend tells of a time when a child will be born with The Gift.
This Gift, the long lost ability to communicate with Dolphins, will allow The Child to re-discover the lost secrets of the Universe and help restore balance to All Life on Earth... before it’s too late.

Book Five begins where Book Four left off... Ayla is in great peril. Both Light and Dark forces are aligning to influence her Destiny.
Will Ayla overcome the overwhelming odds against her?
Will Kaleo get to her before it is too late?
Will Ayla finally embrace her Destiny?

Continue the adventure with Ayla and the Dolphins as she and her friends try to uncover the truth of this secret network of pirates and now… her own parents. But what can she and the Dolphins do in the face of such overwhelming odds?

Follow this young heroine through the ongoing series, uncovering mysteries that have been lost in time.

Enhanced with rich color images, these adventures are a feast for the senses and a fast, fun read that will keep the pages turning as you help Ayla uncover hidden treasures and secret messages along the way.

Whether you are a child, a parent or a grandparent, you will be captivated by the exotic mountains, verdant jungles, colorful coral reefs and the vast blue of the Pacific Ocean, encountering Humpback Whales, giant Sea Turtles, Sharks and more...

Continue the adventures of the ongoing series today!

Ayla Speaks to Dolphins - Book 5 - Ayla’s Angels.

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